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To optimize the effectiveness of adhesives used in you product, proper joint design is essential. Cyabond® 's knowledge and experience in adhesive formulations and joint design ensures that your application's bonding process will add efficiency to your manufacturing, and quality to your finished products. 

Different Joining Methods Require Different Joint Designs
Joint design can have a significant effect on adhesive performance, depending on how loads are applied to the joint. In general, adhesives perform best under compressive loads. Loads that result in shear or peel may progressively degrade a joint's strength. Because of this, joint designs based on adhesive bonding follow different rules than joints that use rivets, welds, or other mechanical fasteners. 

Cyabond® will provide the expert input you need to ensure joint design success. Our chemists and adhesive engineers will offer you advice on all aspects of joint design and adhesive selection. 

Compatibility and Bonding Effectiveness
While many adhesives have wide-ranging surface or substrate compatibility, a particular substrate or operating environment may present incompatibility concerns. An example of incompatibility is the resulting stress cracking of some plastic substrates when in contact with certain anaerobic adhesives. 

Different substrates may also have different affinities for adhesives. Some bond readily while others prove to be extremely difficult. Cyabond® 's applications engineers and product development team will work with you to evaluate your application at the concept and design stage to ensure adhesive/substrate compatibility.

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