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The advantages of integrating Cyabond® adhesives into your product development and assembly processes extend far beyond just our products. The multiple service resources available from Cyabond® are often as integral an element of a successful application as are the products. Cyabond® 's service resource groups include Safety, Health & Environmental Services, Joint Design Services, Technical Services, Dispensing & Assembly Services, and Customer Service. 

Safety, Health & Environmental Services: This group is dedicated to ensuring that your particular application is evaluated from a usage and safety perspective. The Safety, Health & Environmental Services group will educate your staff on appropriate handling of Cyabond® products specifically in the areas of spill control, skin contact, ventilation extraction, and clean up extraction. 

Joint Design Services: Cyabond® 's Joint Design Services group was developed to maximize the performance of our products in every application. The Joint Design Services group is brought in early in the process to evaluate the joining method. Often Cyabond® is able to show how costly mechanical joining methods can be replaced with less costly, more effective adhesive bonding systems. 

Technical Services Group: This group's focus is to evaluate a particular Cyabond® adhesive's performance in a specific application. Test bonds are often done to research the material to be joined and their interaction with Cyabond® adhesives. The Technical Services group will recommend the formulation of a custom adhesive if existing products cannot provide the necessary performance requirements of the application. 

Dispensing & Assembly Services: Cyabond® 's equipment group brings process expertise to the production aspects of your assembly. In addition to providing standard, and custom equipment, Cyabond® 's Dispensing & Assembly Services group provides expertise in material handling, dispensing, fixtures and jigs, curing, and in-line QA/QC testing. 

Customer Service: From your very first contact with Cyabond® , through the life of your application, Cyabond® 's Customer Services group provides you a single source for answers to all of your questions. Cyabond® has Customer Service centers located around the world to ensure that regardless of where you are, or when you call, we will be ready to respond as quickly as possible. 

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