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CyabondŽ is dedicated to providing technical service throughout the life of your applications-from the design stage through product maturity. At the early design phase, our technical service centers are available to help you evaluate CyabondŽ adhesives and processing techniques based upon your product components and production methods.

CyabondŽ 's technical service centers, located globally, are specifically designed and staffed to provide superior technical support to our clients. CyabondŽ 's global facilities are electronically linked to share the most up-to-date information regarding adhesive technologies. This allows CyabondŽ to introduce global solutions for clients with facilities located internationally. A solution developed for a customer's Asian facility can quickly be implemented, and supported, in that customer's facility in South America as well.

CyabondŽ technical service centers offer complete on-going product support once an adhesive is in your production facility.

Put CyabondŽ 's Engineering Experience to Work for You
CyabondŽ 's adhesives expertise is at work today in thousands of industrial applications, within hundreds of markets such as: medical device manufacturing, electric motor assembly and transportation components assembly. CyabondŽ 's application engineers can help you reduce processing costs, increase product performance, and bring products to market faster. When you partner with CyabondŽ you can take advantage of our extensive understanding of proper joint design, adhesive application, component fixture design, cure, and QA/QC testing.

Product Development Based on Your Product Design
CyabondŽ 's adhesive specialists will evaluate, recommend, and develop the best adhesive for your application. CyabondŽ manufactures cyanoacrylates, anaerobics, structural acrylics, UV curables, and hybrids of these technologies. CyabondŽ 's experience with a broad range of adhesive types, provides you with the best adhesive solution for your application. 

CyabondŽ 's product development specialists provide custom formulated solutions for unique applications. Your application is one of a kind - your adhesive solution should be too. 

Selecting Correct Adhesives

Selecting the correct adhesive for a particular application can be intimidating. CyabondŽ 's application experience and adhesive expertise can offer some general guidelines to help make the process easier. 

Adhesive Selection Guidelines
First, know the basics of your application. It is more important to know the end product characteristics and operating conditions than the details of construction. Too much detail at this stage may lead to a less effective design. CyabondŽ 's technical service personnel are available to guide the design of a new assembly in directions that will optimize the adhesive performance, and the product's quality. 

Second, consult CyabondŽ . We have the adhesives expertise to complement your product expertise. Together, our expertise will make the right solution. 

Third, choose CyabondŽ as an adhesives partner. We will provide technical support staff at your site during pre-production trials, and CyabondŽ will help design quality assurance testing for the adhesive to ensure that the performance characteristics required will be achieved. Often CyabondŽ can complete this quality assurance testing prior to the adhesive being shipped to reduce the amount of QC inspection required by your personnel. CyabondŽ 's equipment group can provide the expertise necessary to dispense, apply, and cure the adhesive in your production environment. 

Please contact one of our technical centers using the information given when you click on the 'Contact Us' tab on the top right of your screen. 

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