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Proper Adhesive Storage Means Greater Profits

Over the lifetime of an application, you may significantly reduce your adhesive usage by paying close attention to the adhesive shelf life and storage conditions recommended by Cyabond® . Because of the various chemistries involved in the adhesives Cyabond® manufacturers, we have developed specific storage condition recommendations by product. These recommendations should be reviewed prior to selecting an adhesive for your application and should be followed whenever possible. The shelf life of each Cyabond® adhesive is based on our experience with that product under controlled conditions. Therefore, we are certain that these adhesives when stored per our guidelines will maintain their performance over the course of the shelf life given. Unfortunately, if the adhesive has not been stored according to the recommendations given we often have no information as to how it will perform. 

Adhesive Shelf Life

The shelf life of a product is the time it may be stored under specified conditions with no significant changes in properties. It is recommended that each adhesive family be stored under its specific conditions. Many adhesives are sensitive to extreme temperatures and some to light and humidity exposure