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Temperature Effects

Controlling Cure Rates and Production Speed

Many environmental conditions affect how adhesives cure and perform over long periods of time. One of the most significant environmental factors is temperature. Minor changes in temperature can have major changes in cure speed and storage life of adhesives. Most organic adhesives have maximum continuous operating temperatures and if exposed to higher temperatures for long periods of time their performance drops significantly. CyabondŽ has put together some guidelines for your reference to eliminate or control the potential impact of temperature and other environmental conditions on your application. 

Effect of Environmental Temperature

The temperature at which the adhesive is being applied and used will affect its cure. All cure times quoted in CyabondŽ Technical Data Sheets are taken at 23°C. 

The anaerobic sealants, 2-part epoxies, and toughened acrylics are all affected by a rise or fall in the temperature of the area in which they are being used. The general rule is for every 8°C (15°F) that the temperature increases; the time required for the adhesive to cure will be halved. Conversely, if the temperature is 8°C (15°F) cooler the cure time will double. 

The 1-part epoxies remain unaffected, as the cure of these adhesives will only begin when they reach the elevated temperatures quoted in the Technical Data Sheet. 

UV cured adhesives will not be affected by the environmental temperature as they are cured through exposure to a UV lamp. Certain grades will begin to cure if left exposed to sunlight but this is not advisable. 

Cyanoacrylates cure using surface moisture and are less affected by temperature. However, the humidity and the type of surface being bonded can affect cyanoacrylates. 

Service Temperatures

CyabondŽ's adhesives are organic in their chemistry and, as such, generally have temperature limits of between 150 and 180°C. The actual limits depend on the adhesive family, but as a guideline they are as shown below. Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet for the specific product grade features you require. 

Cyanoacrylates -80 to +120°C 
Anaerobics -65 to +204°C 
Toughened Acrylics -65 to +150°C 
Epoxies 2-Part -50 to +150°C 
Epoxies Single Part -55 to +180°C 
UV Curables -40 to +150°C 

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